Seven-hole paint barbell

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Name: Seven-hole paint barbell
Color: paint color or customized color according to customer requirements
Weight: single chip 5LB, 10LB, 25LB, 35LB, 45LB
Material: cast iron
Packing: pp bag + carton + pallet or according to customer requirements
Aperture: 5cm
Port: Tianjin Port
Supply Ability: 800 tons+ per month
Support ODM/OEM

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This product is a seven-hole paint barbell, which is made of carefully selected cast iron as raw materials. The technology is mature, the paint texture is firm and delicate, and the hand feels smooth. It is the first choice for professionals. The outer circle is processed by machine tools with clear edges and edges. The lines are clear, and the 7 hand-grabbing holes are also manually polished. They are not shipped directly after casting, but polished. After passing the anti-drop test in the formal laboratory, and landing vertically from high altitude, our barbell plates can achieve no damage, no corners, no cracking and other quality problems. This product has the advantages of low price, good quality, and high repurchase rate. It has been liked by traders in hundreds of countries around the world, and it provides more cost-effective products for fitness enthusiasts.

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1. The seven-hole design can be used as a hand-held barbell for training.
2. The environmental protection technology of this product can meet the environmental protection requirements of developed countries such as Europe and the United States.
3. Tight packaging, professional packaging method, safe transportation, so that every customer can receive satisfactory goods.
4. Applicable to various professional fitness scenes, such as gymnasium, gymnasium, home fitness and various competition venues and so on.
5. Easy to maintain and care, no rust, no fading.
6. Convenient and easy to assemble and disassemble, non-slip, wear-resistant and comfortable.
7. Mass customization, manufacturer's supply, reliable quality, and careful manufacturing.
8. Strictly selected materials, wear-resistant and durable, rigorous processing, meticulous workmanship, and humanized design.

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