Bulgarian bag

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Name: Bulgarian bag
Color: red, black, blue, gray, etc. or customized colors according to customer requirements
Weight: 5kg, 10kg, 15kg, 20kg, 25kg or customized according to customer requirements
Material: space leather, silk wool, iron sand
Packing: pp bag + carton or according to customer requirements
Port: Tianjin Port
Supply Ability: 5000 pieces+ per month
Support ODM/OEM

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[Slip-resistant handle] Humanized handle with thick webbing, which is not easy to throw out during exercise, prevents falling off, and makes it safer to move.
[Good air tightness] The sealing port is fixed with a cable tie, and there is a leak-proof gasket at the sealing place. You only need to fasten the tether to prevent the hourglass cotton from leaking out, which greatly extends the service life of the product.
[Fillable] You need to fill it with sand and velvet yourself. (Only sand will leak) It can be equipped with 5-25 kg counterweight, scientific counterweight, and safe exercise.
[Thickened leather] Thickened space leather is used on the surface. It feels comfortable, wear-resistant, not easy to wrinkle, and easy to scrub.
[Multifunctional] Our gym bag is designed to provide rotation and linear movement in the sagittal and frontal planes, which is conducive to core strength and stability.

The Bulgarian training kit can be used for whole body exercises to solve the high calorie consumption of strength, strength, anaerobic endurance, cardiovascular health and weight control.

Bulgarian bag (4)

Bulgarian bag (3)

Weight-bearing sand jacket (3)

Weight-bearing sand jacket (1)

1. The humanized handle and thick webbing are non-slip and wear-resistant.
2. Good airtightness, hand-sewn, no sand leakage.
3. Use comfortable space leather, wear-resistant and easy to scrub.
4. This is conducive to core strength and stability.
The Bulgarian bag is a unique training partner, specially designed by wrestlers to increase your explosive power. It is very suitable for different strength exercises for the upper and lower parts of the body. For example: spin swings, steps, jump squats, upright rowing, or overhead lunges. There are 3 handles on the back of the sandbag and 2 handles with loops on the front. This allows you to hold the bag in different ways during exercise. Bulgarian sandbags are also available in weights of 5, 10 and 20 kg. Their colors are different, so it is easy to distinguish the bags. Very useful!

-Ideal for improving explosive power
-Different handles: for various exercises
-Rugged and durable, suitable for intensive use

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